Waste to Wonder artifacts

India is known for its rich and vast cultural experiences that has attracted and spell bounded people from & across the world. However with growing urbanization and industrialization, the country has been plagued with multiple problems and efficient waste management is one of them. It is estimated that every year 62 MT of waste is generated which will double itself by 2030. From the waste generated, 30 percent is reused and the rest 80 percent goes untreated into the dumping grounds posing health and environmental hazards.

Innovation and creativity has always provided solutions where none were possible & recycling and reuse of the solid waste into beautiful artefacts and pieces is no different. A classic example of science & technology meets ecological conscience meets art and culture, the amalgamation is awe-inspiring and fascinates creators and viewers alike. And the Waste to Wonder Artefacts by MKAI Solutions is one such feat.

  • Fusion Of SCIENCE, ECOLOGY AND ART– Emphasising on waste management and renewable sources of energy, this Waste To Wonder theme park, is constructed using waste metal products. It is entirely made up of waste products like scrap parts of automobiles, metal fans, rods, nut-bolts, iron sheets, nonfunctional appliances, and etc.
  • Waste to Wealth WITH FUN– There are specific areas dedicated to selfie lovers. Giving way to the latest craze of selfies, the builders of the park have ensured a designated area for people wishing to click selfies with the replicas. Furthermore, the park consists of a play area for the children, various eateries and illuminated pathways.

  • Greener with GREEN ENERGY– The park is powered by solar energy generated through the solar panels installed in the park itself. These efforts are a consolidated approach towards decreasing an overall carbon footprint and promoting the usage of non-conventional sources of energy in daily lives.


This is an initiative to process waste, under meaningful projects and add aesthetic value to the city. A visit to Waste to Wonder Park is a must to understand that something created from scrap materials can look so surreal.