Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

As of 2021, 35.4% of the Indian population resides in urban areas. Expansion of cities has led to an increase in automobiles, industrial production & rapid deforestation. Consequently, problems of environmental deterioration & air pollution have reached an alarming stage. For Smart cities, it is necessary to monitor the environmental conditions for identifying the sources of pollution and mitigate them.

There is an opportunity, however, for urban local governments to address these challenges by “riding on the tide of the 4th Industrial Revolution using Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things”. SMART Park by MKAI uses technology (digital, environmental, and materials) to achieve a series of values: equitable access, community fit, enhanced health, safety, resilience, water and energy efficiency, and effective operations and maintenance.

  • DIVERSE POLLUTION Parameters– Integrated sensors and softwares measure concentrations of ambient pollutants in an urban environment like PM2.5, PM10, and monitoring of the release of poisonous gases like CO, NOx, SOx, & O3. Polludrone environmental sensors monitor meteorological parameters like noise, temperature, humidity, ambient pressure, rainfall, and floods. It transmits real-time data through a wireless communication protocol to a cloud platform. 
  • REAL-TIME DATA Acquisition – Done through durable and accurate monitoring equipment. Compact Air Quality Monitoring Sensors play an important role in Environmental Monitoring for Smart cities.

  • MICRO ANALYSIS Dashboard & Solutions- The data from Polludrone is accessible on our LED enabled Air monitoring software, which visualizes and analyzes the data in the desired formats like reports, charts, alerts, heatmaps, trend analysis, etc. The centralized dashboard and App enables us to regularly monitor and timely provide remedial measures required like vacuum cleaning, Installation of Smog Towers etc.


One of the fundamental features of smart cities is providing a sustainable environment.  Our aim is to make environmental issues and solutions accessible to each city for increased public awareness. This can simulate the precautionary actions by the citizens for their day-to-day activities to achieve better health.

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