Intelligent Traffic Management System(3rd Eye)

The increasing traffic density on city roads in India has led traffic planners to widen roads, construct flyovers, and build new roads and yet, there is no respite from congestion on the roads. A significant part of the problem lies with traffic management authorities, for sloppy traffic management and lax enforcement of traffic rules. These issues tend to have an exaggerated effect during times of crisis, like a disaster requiring evacuation of citizens or an incident requiring access by emergency response agencies.

Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) by MKAI Solutions provides a perfect platform for addressing traffic-related issues faced by traffic management authorities. The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms for predicting optimum routes based upon traffic mobilization patterns, vehicle categorization, accident occurrences, and levels of precipitation. We use technology to manage and improve city infrastructure, increase safety, accessibility of citizen services, & improved administration with better governance.

  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) Based– ITMS uses AI Based algorithm, connected with high-tech cameras, GPS, Sensors as well as other traffic violation detection systems such as lane cutting and over speeding installed on highways to minimize the number of accidents and for regulation and effective management of traffic. 

  • Traffic VIOLATIONS HIGHLIGHT– Illegal stoppages on the highways, over speeding, wrong entry, lane discipline violation, wrong side driving, using phone while driving, pedestrian crossing violation, not wearing a seat belt, driving without tail light and reflector, overloaded vehicle, having a fancy number plate, two-wheeler plying in restricted area.

  • REAL-TIME DATA Acquisition- The designing of the system has been done in a way that it provides real-time updates to authorities on their Central Command Centre setup, to keep a check on traffic violators.

We believe we can help the government to manifest their Smart City dreams and ambitions by designing and deploying wide-ranging intelligent systems for transport management and law enforcement. Our Smart City solutions help with better traffic management, reduced polluting emissions and consumption of vehicular fuel and oil, smart electronic toll solutions, automated traffic signals, and better electronic enforcement systems. Thereby improving the way people use roads and enhance their quality of lives – in the city of today and tomorrow.