Smart Parks & Theme Based Parks

Public parks have been a central facet of urban life and continue to be integral to cities. But today parks face challenges such as underutilization by the public, diminishing resources, funding for upgradation & maintenance etc. Drawing visitors to parks & justifying municipal body’s spending are two major challenges across the country. 

There is an opportunity, however, for urban local governments to address these challenges by “riding on the tide of the 4th Industrial Revolution using Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things”. SMART Park by MKAI uses technology (digital, environmental, and materials) to achieve a series of values: equitable access, community fit, enhanced health, safety, resilience, water and energy efficiency, and effective operations and maintenance.

  • Connect with today’s TECH-FOCUSED GENERATION– Our parks have Wi-Fi Connectivity, Digital Screen, Open Community Library, Open Gyms for Citizens, Digital Screen for graphic presentation for youths, Yoga areas for all citizens, Indoor Sports Zone available to spend some quality time during evening and Watch Tower to visualise the surrounding beauty of parks
  • THEME BASED Upgradation– Themes can be based on the socio-cultural surroundings of the park and aspirations of local people like Village Theme, Children Theme, Bamboo Park Theme, Pet Theme, Adventure Theme etc. It helps in making our parks an exciting place to spend leisure time for local citizens. 

  • Reduced OPERATIONAL COST – Features like easy accessibility, resilient to climate change, Smart irrigation system, Smart Dustbins preventing garbage overflow, easy to maintain, along with Smart Components like Wi-Fi Smart Lighting System and security, and Indoor Sports Zone etc. will focus on increasing the public usage of parks, with maximum cost savings.


MKAI’s SMART Park project is an upgradation of an existing traditional park into a THEME based SMART Park using loT & aims to provide end-to-end solutions. We need to think of parks more as outdoor community centres where we need to invest in uses and activities so they can fulfil their potential. “Upgrading parks into SMART Parks will improve the quality of life for citizens”. 

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