Science with Police Initiative

The basic idea behind setting up ‘Science with Police’ Initiative is to provide students with  an atmosphere of learning by doing. We, in collaboration with the Police department, are investing in STEM education to provide students the skills they need to thrive in their future careers as these Children Friendly Room plays a very important role in creating the Police’s image into a child’s mind.

Most of the children who visit the police station are mostly in some kind of trouble. If their visit is full of educational exposure and they get to do a lot of things then their perception of police and police station changes. The Children Friendly Room will have artwork on Walls for Playful learning, colorful flooring with in-built games (such as Chess), friendly and safe furniture. It will have various reusable science experiments to teach simple concepts of science along with experiments which are used in Police Investigation toolkits like fingerprint analysis or Clues games

  • Using STEM IN POLICING- Our special focus remains Introducing the students to the world of Robotics, Augmented and Virtual reality, 3D printers and STEM experiments, within the premises of Police Stations. Using 3D printers, they can create their Own Policeman, police investigation toolkit, vehicles, Police station etc. and can make different types of Police vehicles from the kit like a crane etc.
  • CHILD-CENTERED, POLICE-DRIVEN Space– By encouraging children to become active learners, we make them understand how the modern police officers and personnel utilise the basics of STEM in core policing and day to day work. We shall create a Notice Board outside every Children Friendly Room which will display acts of Bravery by Delhi Police, Its Revered Martyrs, and Success Stories of the Police.

  • CAPACITY Building & Engagements–  We’ve specially designed these experiments through our team of experts who have drawn from different disciplines. Through the devices, we’ll cover the Videos on Traffic Rules, Video on good touch and bad touch, Safety drill videos such as for disasters, Videos on self defense, Information about Various Apps by Police Department, How to be safe from Cyber Crimes, Initiatives taken under community policing – showing the friendly & caring side of police – interaction with senior citizens.


The best way for children to learn is being able to critically think and have them productively struggle and fail, learn from that and work through the problems. We believe not just in output but the outcomes and these spaces will give these children the best possible exposure!

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