Fleet Management for Solid Waste

Collection of solid waste is generally much more unorganised and expensive than its disposal. Most municipal collection fleets are made up of packer trucks that service areas with dissimilar topography, population density, and waste generation rates. When vehicles are selected for solid waste collection fleets, there is usually very little consideration given to providing the required service at minimum cost.
Technology is front and center for fleets in the waste management industry. Waste and recycling fleets are leading the way in showing how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be leveraged for real world benefits. Connected waste collection vehicles are becoming an important step in achieving targets for sustainability and fleet optimization. MKAI Solutions provides ‘smart’ technologies including waste collection data gathering, the use of cart chip/sensor technology, camera-based and real-time monitoring, and the optimization of vehicle fleet logistics.
  • APP BASED Optimization– Our Citizen Friendly fleet management App has many benefits for fleets, such as advanced data capture and GPS logging, special algorithms, and integration with third-party sensors and devices. It ensures that the fleet is following the most efficient route by optimizing vehicle routes as well as timely intimation to the residents about the vehicle.

  • CAMERA INTEGRATION– Seamlessly integrates camera with App to stream video in real-time via desktop or mobile app. We are using it for different purposes, such as identifying the reasons for missing a pickup, was a vehicle or something else blocking the bin from being picked up, was there something in it that should not have been etc.

  • REDUCED FUEL costs– Monitor fuel usage, idling trends, and unsafe driving behaviors to identify opportunities to save on fuel costs. It also allows for vehicle and driver fuel usage analysis to better optimize driving behaviours.


More efficient and sustainable waste collection is now considered a fundamental service for ‘Smart Cities’. We apply IoT to optimize waste collection with RFID tracking, sensors and cameras. Smart fleet’ systems now incorporate a model for connected data sharing between the back-office, trucks and drivers to enable route optimization, full management of container assets, safety and more efficient, sustainable operations.