Smart Street Lighting

Street lighting is one of the largest energy expenses for a city in India. Every single day, streetlights are powered from sunset to sunrise at full strength, even when there is no one around. The maintenance & replacement costs of conventional incandescent bulbs are immense.

They consume a lot of electric power to function and their heat emissions are also quite high. All of this contributes to a greater demand for electricity production & consequently, more carbon dioxide emissions from power houses. Smart street light system by MKAI consists of LED lights, a brightness sensor, a motion sensor & a wifi driven short-distance communication network. It can cut municipal street lighting costs as much as 50% – 70%.

  • Sensor Based Lighting for REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION – Whenever presence is detected, the lights around it will glow in the bright mode & would be dim during off-peak hours. On sunny &  rainy days, ON and OFF time differ discernibly which is one of the significant hindrances of the present street lights systems.
  • SAFE TRAFFIC Movement: The system helps in detecting the direction of movement of the pedestrian by illuminating the path till the next street light. Integrating the entire street lights with Smart street light systems, helps the pedestrians to reach the destination in the remote areas as well.

  • CENTRALISED Monitoring–  We can check the status of a street light on the internet using IoT (Internet of things) and Mobile Application, from anywhere in real-time and solve the issues if they happen during the processing.


MKAI’s Smart Street Light system incorporates a cluster of streetlight lamps that can communicate with each other & provide lighting data to a local concentrator. The concentrator manages & transmits the relevant data to a secure server that captures the data and presents it in a web-browser dashboard. Additional opportunities, like Traffic light controls, Smart Parking, EV Charging stations, Public Safety through video cameras etc. can be seized in future.

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