Smart Public Bin Systems

The immense growth in population creates an unhygienic environment for the citizens of a society with respect to waste generation. This rapid generation of waste leads to various infectious diseases. As followed by the traditional municipal system, we can see over flooding of solid waste in the garbage bins. Solid waste management is a pivotal aspect in traditional systems and it is becoming dangerous in most populated areas. Arduous labor works and costs are required to manage and monitor garbage bins in real time.

To maintain the cleanliness of a city and for real-time monitoring of trash bins, a smart bin for smart cities is provided by MKAI Solutions, which is based on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). The proposed framework reduces the labor cost and saves time and energy of the system. It also reduces the rate of disease infections by keeping the cities clean. Fuzzy logic is used for decision-making in selecting appropriate locations in the cities to install trash bins.

  • Smart bin based on IOT TECHNOLOGY & APPLICATIONS– The mechanism is composed of three main entities, trash bins, trash collecting vehicle, and central database. The IoT module, which comprises a microchip, is also fitted to the bin and receives and sends data through a wireless technology. When the bin has reached its maximum capacity, it transmits a notification through a gateway. The sensors send signals to the IoT module, which in turn alerts users.
  • REAL-TIME Monitoring- The central database is used as an information center as well as a storage point, which contains each and every detail about these entities. Whenever an event occurs in the system, the processing information and status of trash bins are stored in the database.

  • Reducing LABOR COST & IMPROVING ENVIRONMENT goals– Smart bins are effective from environmental & economical aspects as it reduces the cost of labors and fuel cost of collecting vehicles by minimizing their extra visits in checking bins’ status. It helps to keep the environment clean and disease-free for the citizens.


Smart bin by MKAI Solutions optimizes waste management in your facility, allowing you to save costs, time and labour.  The whole processing of the system is supported by Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle mechanisms.

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