Smart Irrigation Systems

In India, outdoor water use averages to a billion gallons of water each day, mainly for landscape irrigation. As much as 50% of this water is wasted due to overwatering caused by inefficiencies in traditional irrigation methods and systems. Smart irrigation technology is the answer.

Smart irrigation systems tailor watering schedules and run times automatically to meet specific landscape needs. A programmable irrigation system allows owners to set a timer which automatically turns drips/sprinklers on and off. These systems have overrides which can prevent the sprinklers from running when nature takes over the job of watering the lawn

  • LOCAL WEATHER & GROUND MOISTURE Monitoring- Temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity readings are used to calculate watering needs. Evapotranspiration controllers (weather-based sensors) use local weather data to regulate sprinkler run times. These types of sensors either access publicly available local weather data via WiFi or take on-site weather measurements. 

  • IoT Driven Smart Irrigation– Soil-moisture technology uses probes or sensors inserted into the yard to measure actual soil moisture levels. Depending upon the type of sensor installed, these systems can either suspend the next watering cycle when readings indicate sufficient soil moisture or can be set as an on-demand system. Thus, smart irrigation systems automatically adjust watering schedules according to the actual needs of the lawn.
  • REDUCED WATER & POWER Consumption– Smart irrigation technologies help people precisely schedule when lawns and crops need to be watered and how much water these plants require. Hence, they can use water more efficiently and effectively, thereby reducing operational, energy and maintenance costs of Gardens, Lawns, Public Parks, Nurseries, Agri Universities etc.


Smart Irrigation by MKAI Solutions also allows surveillance on the personnel and their crops/lawns/gardens, so as to  not cause losses. It is  easy to  use for anyone  with a Smartphone and doesn’t  require maintenance once set up.

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