In June 2018, Niti Ayog came up with a national strategy for Artificial Intelligence in India. That was the year, the wave of AI sweeped the country formally, specifically the domain of governance . Artificial intelligence is expected to help the country grow Economically, Socially, Politically and achieve Environmental goals also. 

MKAI Solutions was started in 2021, in an effort to blend Artificial Intelligence with Governance for Effective, Efficient & Pro-People Good Governance. We provide a wide spectrum of solutions for an Environmentally Sustainable, Cost-effective and Citizen Friendly Services Delivery by the govt. Our solutions include – state-of-the-art Innovation Labs for the government schools, Smart parks with sensor based automatic lighting-watering-sanitation systems, Smart Street Lighting, Citizen friendly apps for Municipal services, Intelligent Traffic and Fleet Management system, Solutions for Preventive Policing etc. 

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things has unleashed a new era of 4th Industrial revolution. In the recent past, AI has been able to accomplish this by creating machines and robots that are being used in a wide range of fields including healthcare, robotics marketing, business analytics, and many more. The application of AI in governance provides an opportunity for India to apply information and communications technology (ICT) tools and leapfrog developmental and infrastructural constraints. By automating simple, well-defined tasks, AI streamlines operations and augments the workforce. Employees can then spend more time on decisions that require human input.

Though it paints a hazy picture as to what AI could really have in store in the future. But one can definitely say that Artificial intelligence is not a sector-specific technology. It perhaps is going to touch every sector of human life.

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister of the country has given the slogan

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan & Jai Anusandhan (Innovation)

So, Let us join hands to create a culture of Innovation across Governance, and leverage the benefits of AI & IoT!

MK Yadav CMD, MKAI Solutions