Smart Crime Reporting Mechanism

Need of the hour is an automated system for immediate crime reporting to police surpassing all controllable and uncontrollable factors responsible for unreported crimes, which is provided by MKAI Solutions.

One of the most important areas in Crime investigation is the efficient way of reporting crime. Till now, the crime reporting system in India is online FIR system or manual reporting in Police stations. If any incident happens in any area, then crime reporting can be done via telephone or in person. No actual scene reporting is possible till date. People should be able to seek help in case of emergency on time. A large number of incidents happen in front of people but people are unable to report those incidents to police immediately.

  • AUTOMATIC IMMEDIATE CRIME REPORTING (AICR) system– The user/victim has to install the AICR system onto their smartphone. In case of emergency when the user/victim will start the system, GPS will start automatically and capture the location which will be matched with the location wise frequency database. The user/victim can record the voice message, capture an image or video and this information along with the location is transmitted to the matched police frequency and simultaneously to the destination address of the centralized database.

  • CENTRALIZED DATABASE– Centralised database is maintained in order to have information stored at a particular place which serves many purposes such as FIR listing, list of  pending/resolved cases, sending police patrolling cab, Tracing Prank Calls with IMEI number, helps in police investigation as digital evidence and Police can refer to this database for any future work. This database will be accessed only by the head of the police station so that the database cannot be altered by anyone.

  • Reduction in CASES & EASY RESOLUTION: The above system once implemented will help in providing immediate help to the victim as regular monitoring is being done by the police department.


Further work is to be done to communicate in the areas where Wi-Fi enabled devices lack. We can use AI-based cameras in particular areas where crimes are more based on our crime analysis system. We can also use Blockchain to secure e-FIRs and evidence.