Smart Library

The library is considered a place of accumulated information for the smart readers in any area of interest. After the invention of the Internet, the library collections and services have had dynamic changes. We are living in the threshold of knowledge society & the Library forms the very core of the academic institutions & society. The best practice in the library involves the optimum utilization of space, service and service visibility.

A library fitted with ‘Smart Library’ technology by MKAI Solutions is able to be open to library users without being staffed. The technology enables remote control of library buildings, including automatic doors, lighting, self-service kiosks and public computers. This allows us to significantly extend library opening hours, so more people can use the library at times that is convenient for them.

  • SMART IS MORE USER-FRIENDLY than Intelligent – Technology gives facilities for controlling and monitoring of library buildings, Reading Space including automatic doors, lighting, auto-services pavilions, and computers. It gives permission to use resources 24X7 hours so that the readers can use the library at times that are convenient for them. High Speed Internet, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Meta Data  RFID, Bar Code, Smart Card, plagiarism software, Good Scanner, Printer, digital Xerox machine, CC Camera shall be available for user friendly experience.
  • DIGITAL STORE– The documents are in digital format and accessed through computer with RFID facilities, federated search tools, discovery tools, web-OPAC, Standard Digital Software (Dspace/E-Print),Content Management software.
  • COMPETITIVE EXAM Preparation– Our Smart library is equipped with LCDs/ Digital boards  for online classes for competitive exam preparation like UPSC CSE and State PCS. It provides student centric services, thereby enabling them to access high quality learning materials and mentorship, even in remote areas.


The role of libraries is changing in the present era due to the changing demands of its users. Users are expecting more from the libraries, not only for their intellectual growth but also for their day today informative demand which will certainly grow day by day. We shall continue our thrust over digital tools in the library, which has opened this new vista in the form of smart libraries.

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